We demand equality, respect and our Rights to be upheld

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Unionists have rights under Belfast Agreement as well:

by Jamie Bryson

United States politicians and nationalist activists in media, academia and law (‘the nationalist elite’) campaign on the basis that keeping the Protocol is necessary for maintaining peace and Bel Agreement. Let’s look at that.

The Protocol has caused serious violence and is fuelling loyalist anger, thus endangering peace. It also respects only the nationalist elements of the Belfast Agreement, dismantling the unionist guarantees by changing Northern Ireland’s constitutional position without consent

It seems incredible these activists could seriously suggest that the subjugation of the unionist community, in order to amplify the objectives of the nationalist community, is compatible with stable power sharing

We are also told- by supposedly ‘independent’ academics- that a North/South border threatened peace, but an internal United Kingdom border doesn’t do so.

There is no further explanation for this bizarre contradiction. In equal terms we have academics- supposedly champions of the Belfast Agreement- now bemoaning the amplification of unionist ‘minority rights’ and effectively urging majority rule.

Was the Bel Agreement not about power-sharing rather than majority rule?

Consistently the bias is exposed on the part of those who see the Bel Agreement as little more than an agreement designed to advance nationalism, with unionism’s role merely that of silent acquiescence at the back of the bus.

We have Irish Rep Richard Neal coming to Northern Ireland with a delegation to interfere in our internal affairs. He does so without any understanding of the concerns of the unionist/loyalist community. Will his delegation meet unionists & thus hear our concerns?

The Protocol not only endangers peace as set out, but it has caused the complete collapse of Bel Agreement power sharing institutions due to the complete withdrawal of unionist consent. And yet, we are told the Protocol must stay.

By demanding the Protocol stays, despite complete unionist withdrawal from the Bel Agreement, this demonstrates that unionist rights aren’t recognised under the 1998 Agreement, and thus raises more fundamental Questions about power sharing itself.

Unionism must stand firm against the relentless campaigning for our continued subjugation, especially by those using their professional or ‘expert’ status as a cover for their partisan nationalist activism.

There will not be power sharing in NI until the Protocol goes. Unionists will not sit silently at the back of the bus, treated as second class citizens in our own country. We demand equality, respect & our rights to be upheld.

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