Richard Garland: Sinn Fein linked to gross rights violations and war crimes

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By Richard Garland

Unionist Activist, Commentator

People keep asking what changes we would like to see in a so-called β€œNew” Ireland, unfortunately I don’t think any β€œNew” Ireland will be much different to the old one, but as far as changes go, here are my thoughts:

Get rid of Sinn Fein – stop voting for them and stop defending them, this is an organisation intrinsically linked to the IRA, who deliberately targeted civilians, who committed gross rights violations and war crimes, and who Sinn Fein still defend to this day.

Remove the NI Protocol – this arrangement was imposed on the people of NI, splitting them off from their biggest market without their consent. If you want British people to feel welcome, don’t cut us off from Great Britain.

Principle of consent must work both ways – that means if there is ever a UI there must be provision for the people of NI to leave when it becomes clear that the Irish government are only interested in themselves and their own narrow agendas.

Truth and justice for victims of the IRA – the Irish government must come clean about its role in the conflict, they must apologise for this and they must reveal what information they hold on IRA murders and on the IRA.

Economically viable – the Irish government must be honest about what is affordable and what they can’t afford, that means they must be honest about how our health service and education system will be detrimentally affected.

Honesty – if the Irish government tell us that our views will be taken on board in a UI then why aren’t they taking them on board now in relation to the NI Protocol? They must be honest about their concern (or lack of it) for people from NI.

Bigotry – if the Irish government intend to make us welcome in a UI why are they not taking action to address the huge levels of anti-British bigotry now? We are sick of β€œBrits Out” and β€œup the RA” – when will people be taken to task for these bigoted remarks?

Borders – there is effectively no real border between NI and the Republic of Ireland, the Irish government must be honest that a United Ireland is about putting borders up (between GB and NI) rather than taking them down.

Policing and justice – given that there is a chance of a Sinn Fein government at any time, provision must be made to protect those who worked against the IRA from retribution in a situation where SF had access to these records.

Move away from the bitterness of the past – we understand there are historical grievances on all sides, but there must be recognition that there are British and Irish people on this island who all have a right to be here.

Links to the UK – there are huge numbers of British people on this island, many people who would like to see closer constitutional links to the UK. If a UI is to be considered, why can it not be considered in the context of a direct constitutional link with the UK?

Do you, in general, agree with Richard ?

No 33 / 91


Yes 58 / 91


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