PETER WARD: Here’s what would be breaking international law, suspending the Free Trade Agreement

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By Peter Ward

So let me get this straight, the United Kingdom, starts to look to use Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol and the EU accuse the U.K. of “breaking international law” (or would be) well no, they’d be using a provision in the law.

Here’s what would be breaking international law, suspending the Free Trade Agreement, given that there are clauses and legal requirements in the agreement to do any such thing. They’d be backed breaking the law though, it’s the EU, oh and still selling weapons to Russia a nation killing innocent people, that’s breaking the law!

Still, it’s only OTHERS that they think international law applies too, the EU have been found in breach so many times by the WTO and ignored every decision! Because they know best! The EU is trying it’s hardest (and failing) to make Brexit a failure!

It’s actions during the vaccination scandal killed people! There actions to impose checks that aren’t needed on the U.K. (who haven’t lowered standards, the EU have though!) is ridiculous!

To now come out and say that triggering article 16 would help Putin as we should show a united front when Germany and France (+ the EU) have been the main obstacles to sanctions that are meaningful is utterly disgraceful!

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Germany still effectively paying for the war, France the same and they can’t spare anymore weapons and have tried to say “the U.K. should send more” in a pathetic attempt at deflection! Boris is getting a street in Kyiv named after him, Merkel probably has one already in Moscow!

It’s time we told the EU where to go and stopped trying to negotiate with a body that doesn’t have a mandate to negotiate and won’t!

Remain voters must love this? This positive EU that they wanted to be a member of, remember when they called Merkel the new leader of the free world? Strange how they never instantly called her (or even do now) a homophobic bigot when she voted against equality for marriage in Germany.

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Germany and the EU have been a disgrace, like a petulant child that has been told it’s bed time, they are stomping their feet and throwing themselves on the floor while looking at any excuse they can to blame the U.K. for their failings! Even in relation to supporting Ukraine. They have blood on their hands and I don’t care if we don’t have a trade deal with them, they have zero morals! Warned for years on dependence on Russia and even now they pretend to make efforts to change their source of energy, it’s all a fake!

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The EU has shown that it’s irrelevant as they have done nothing to protect Ukraine and offered nothing. Years of reliance on other nations to defend Europe has now been exposed. The EU is bad for the continent it’s people and the world in general. I just wish everyone would wake up to this fact!

Rant ends

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